Do I (or does my child) have to sign up for the MMA program to join the gym?

No.  Brazen Boxing & MMA has many different membership types.  We do have a very comprehensive and affordable MMA program, which can help you move forward in your mastery of MMA skills regardless of whether you are an amateur or professional fighter or you are simply interested in getting one of the best total body and conditioning workouts available.  However, we also offer single discipline packages if you or your child are interested in learning only one type of martial art, such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, boxing, muay thai, or wrestling.  Our martial arts style conditioning classes are available for any of our adult members, regardless of the type of membership package they have.

I’m not crazy about getting hit.  Are all of your martial arts classes contact classes? Do I have to spar or fight if I join?

No.  For your safety, and our peace of mind, all of our beginning martial arts striking classes (boxing, muay thai, and MMA) will be taught in non-contact format.  You will learn the skills and techniques of the discipline working on heavy bags, hitting focus mitts, or shadow boxing. Our more advanced students and competition team have the option to take part in contact classes and sparring.

I just want to get in shape in a fun way.  Is your gym just for people who want to be fighters, or children who want to compete?

No.  Brazen Boxing & MMA is open to anyone who wants to learn some new skills and experience the incredible fat burning, muscle-building, and cardiovascular fitness benefits of martial arts style training.  Our children’s program will help your child develop focus, discipline, self-esteem, and fitness regardless of whether he or she ever decides to compete.

How old must my child be to begin training at Brazen Boxing & MMA? When can my child take classes with adults?

We have found that a child has developed the attention span and ability to focus needed to benefit from martial arts classes by the age of 5, so our children’s program is open to those who are 5 years old up through children who are 12 years old.  Once a child is 13 years old, we will decide with you, the child’s parent(s) or guardian(s), whether it is appropriate for your child to remain in the children’s program or if he or she is ready to begin taking classes at the adult level.

I train to compete in MMA, but I am a member elsewhere for certain styles of training (BJJ, muay thai, boxing, or wrestling). Is it a problem for me to come to Brazen just to improve one aspect of my game?

Absolutely not.  Brazen Boxing & MMA is an inclusive facility, and we respect the relationships you may have already developed with other trainers and facilities.  We have excellent coaches in all of the disciplines we offer, but if you would like to come to Brazen just to improve your striking, jiu jitsu, wrestling, or the transitional MMA game, we have single discipline packages that will meet your needs. Our coaches and trainers are also available for personal and small group training sessions regardless of whether you are a member of Brazen Boxing & MMA.

My child is interested in classes and training at Brazen, but I’m not.  Is there anything for me to do while my child takes his or her class?

You have many options!  We have a very comfortable reception area, including couch seating, TV, and reading material, but our location in the Creative Arts Building in Old City is fantastic.  If you’d like to get your own non-martial arts workout in, Sweat Gym is located on the first two floors of our building. Hush Salon is located on the floor beneath us if you’d like to stop in for a chic haircut, and Knead Body Boutique is located on the first floor of our building if you are in need of any massage or spa services.  At the rear of our floor, the Philadelphia Dance Academy offers classes for adults and children, and the Lithe Method offers Pilates-based classes and personal sessions on the floor above us.  Our Old City neighborhood also is delightful and safe.  In addition to fabulous shopping on our block and in the immediate area, there is also a Starbucks on our corner, and there are many places to eat.  We are also located in an historic district, and are close to many historic sites, including the Betsy Ross House just around the corner.

What does “Brazen” mean, and how do you say it?

brazen (adj): audacious; unrestrained by convention or propriety

brazen (v): to face or undergo with bold self-assurance

“Brazen” is pronounced “BRAY-zen” [ audio pronunciation ] .  Because of our holistic, unconventional, and inclusive approach to the sport of MMA and our unique perspective on the boxing and MMA businesses, we and our team might be considered brazen.  We think that’s a good thing.