About Us



Brazen Boxing & MMA boasts exceptional wrestling credentials as well as a very strong boxing pedigree, but Head Coach Jason Sargus cultivates a holistic approach to the sport of MMA. This approach and philosophy varies from the typical MMA gyms that center around a single discipline.

Filling Gaps with Transitional MMA

We provide specialized training in all of the various key disciplines that encompass the sport of Mixed Martial Arts by providing high level instruction and training from a locally, nationally, and internationally acclaimed coaching staff. Yet, as strong as our staff’s individual credentials are, it is their collective abilities and the cohesive implementation of our transitional martial arts and training philosophy that sets us apart from other schools and programs. Our training fills gaps that are left when individual disciplines are emphasized too strongly over others, or when the need to develop the ability to transition smoothly and seamlessly from discipline to discipline – from the ground to stand-up and vice versa – is not sufficiently practiced.

A Cohesive Training Staff

Because of this complete vision of the demands of the sport and a cohesive training staff that works together to develop a complete mixed martial arts skill set, our program can not only help a beginner wrestler, boxer, or first time martial artist to develop – our program can also build around any particular knowledge base or skill set to help fighters reach their goals of competing at the highest levels of their sport.